Review: The Optimum Nutri Force Extractor

Review: The Optimum Nutri Force Extractor

Well hello! I’ve been dying to share this new spangly Optimum product with you for a couple of months now, but it’s all been a bit hectic over here at EMT HQ and I’ve had pretty limited access to WiFi.

But fear not! I have found myself a space in the corner of a library somewhere in Carlisle and I am ready to share the delights of this small but powerful blender set! Whilst trying to ignore the fact that the person sat next to me smells really strongly of pickled onions.


I’ve reviewed a fair few Optimum products over the last couple of years; it’s one of the perks of being an ambassador for Froothie UK! So feel free to catch up with my reviews of the Optimum 9200A, the Optimum G2.3 and the Optimum Multifunction Pressure Cooker Pro when you’ve got a minute. But for now, sit back and enjoy, whilst I tell you all about my latest love, the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor.

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Here it is in action….

A high performance 8 piece personal blender set, with 10 functions!

Favourite Functions

The ‘Nut Milk’ Function

There is absolutely no need to spend a small fortune on shop-bought nut milks, when you can just blend nuts and water in your Optimum Nutri Force Extractor*. Not only that, but your homemade nut milk is likely to be much more nutritious than the shop-bought ones, which usually just have a waft of nut about them.

Nut milks are perfect for making porridge or smoothies. They’re also perfect for making hot chocolates! (Y-E-S! With brandy!)

The ‘Spreads and Dips’ Function

Because where would we be without baba ganoush?

Least Favourite Functions

The ‘Green Smoothie’ Function

It’s not that it doesn’t do them well – it does. It’s just, to me, most green smoothies look like the result of someone having cleaned out their pond. But if you are a green-smoothie-in-your-gym-bag kind of person, this blender set does come with a handy little flip-top lid and stay-fresh travel lids, perfect for when you’re on-the-go. The flip-top lid is also pretty convenient for milkshakes on-the-move! (Going back to that favourite nut milk function!)

However, a slight ‘quirk’, shall we say, is that if you do decide to have your smoothie on-the-go, you will have to choose between having a handle or a lid. Because although the blender set comes with both a handle and a lid for your cup, you can’t actually attach both at the same time. Hmmm.

The ‘Nut Butter’ Function

If you have ever made nut butter before, you will know it takes a while. But in the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor, it takes even longer because, when using the grinding cup, the machine automatically shuts off after 30 seconds to prevent overheating. You then have to wait for it to cool down again before you can resume blending. The instruction booklet states: “Do not use the Nutri Force Extractor for grinding ingredients for more than 30 seconds at a time. Wait 5 minutes before using it again.” As a result, you will be old and grey by the time you actually produce a smooth nut butter. Don’t bother!

Other Likes and Dislikes

Something I really love about this machine is its simple user controls. Although I love my G2.3, it has more buttons than a pilot’s cockpit, whereas the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor* is a lot more intuitive. And, like all Optimum products, it is really easy to clean, which is always a winner with me!

The main attraction for me though, is that it takes up very little space in your kitchen.

Something that some of you may find less than ideal, though, is that there are no measurements on the cups. I always use rough measurements, so it doesn’t bother me too much, but just be aware that you will have to measure your ingredients before adding them to the blender cup, because the blender cup only has a ‘MAX’ marking.

The Best Bits

  • Convenient and lightweight design
  • Simple user controls
  • Compact and space-efficient

You can find out more about its functions and benefits, plus how it compares to some of its competitors, here*.


The Optimum Nutri Force Extractor retails at £179.00 but, at the time of writing, you can buy yours for just £89 in the Froothie UK autumn sale! Just follow my affiliate link* and use the promotional code AUTUMNSALE90. And don’t forget to quote “2592 FREE AMBASSADOR DELIVERY” in the comments section for free delivery!


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