Review: Frozen Ready Meals from Goodlife

Review: Frozen Ready Meals from Goodlife

I’ve got to be honest – I’m not usually one for ready meals. My version of convenience food is batch cooking dishes like chilli and curry from scratch and then freezing them in portions, ready to whip them out the freezer during a busy working week.

Sometimes though, it’s nice to just let someone else do all the hard work for you.

Goodlife have been producing delicious vegetarian meals for over 25 years and offer a wide range of vegan and vegetarian products such as bean burgers, veggie sausages, vegetable kievs and falafel. I had the pleasure of reviewing some of these products earlier this year, so I was delighted when Goodlife commissioned me once again; this time to review their new range of frozen ready meals.

Their 3 bean chilli and their vegetable masala are now available in selected Morrisons stores. But how do they taste? Well, lucky for you, I am here to try food on your behalf. So here goes…

3 Bean Chilli with Cauliflower Rice



Goodlife’s 3 bean chilli contains only 276 calories, making it a great choice for those who are short of time but still want to make healthy choices. It’s also gluten free and suitable for vegans, catering to a variety of dietary requirements.

Being the chilli-fiend that I am, this was a little mild for my tastes, but it’d be great for those who don’t like spicy food. The overwhelming flavours were of beans, corn and smoked paprika; I couldn’t really taste the coriander or cumin either. If you prefer stronger flavours, like me, you might like to serve this with some fresh coriander and maybe a squeeze of lime. I didn’t have any fresh coriander to hand, so I served mine with shredded radish leaves.

It’s great served like that, but I also like it packed into pittas with salad leaves and some sour cream and chive dip.



Vegetable Masala with Cauliflower Rice



Again, this vegetable masala is quite mild, but it does have a lot of other flavours going on, making it suitable for those who don’t like spicy food but still tasty for those of us who like stronger flavours.

This was definitely my favourite of the two frozen ready meals and it’s the one I’ll be recommending to people.

Like the 3 bean chilli, it comes in at just under 300 calories; however this contains milk products and is therefore not suitable for vegans.

Both of Goodlife’s new frozen ready meals are packed with veg and contain 3 portions of your recommended 5 a day (though it’s been suggested we should be aiming for more like 10!). And they’re also both ready in just 8 minutes in the microwave, though you can also cook them in the oven.

The only reservation I have about these frozen ready meals is that only the cardboard carton can be recycled – the plastic film is not recyclable and the plastic tray may not be recyclable either, depending on where you live. This is a problem across all ready meals though and I hope that, in the future, there will be viable biodegradable alternatives.


If you’d like to try either of these products from Goodlife, you can find them in selected Morrisons stores, in the vegetarian section of the freezer aisle, near the bottom of the shelf.

This post is sponsored by Goodlife, however all views are my own.

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