Why I’m Quitting Social Media

Why I’m Quitting Social Media

This post has been sitting in my drafts for almost 6 months. But finally, I’m ready to press publish. Finally, I’m quitting social media!

Okay, that’s not strictly true… I’m not quitting things like WhatsApp or Snapchat because I use those to share things with my friends and family.

But I am quitting all my blog-related accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

I did originally write a post about all my reasons for quitting social media, but it all got a bit lengthy and I thought I’d spare you!

In short: I have a nice life and I just want to enjoy it without distraction. I would rather be doing something else with my time. So I’ll leave you with this infographic which does much of the explaining for me!


How Much Time Is Spent On Social Media Infographic
Courtesy of: Mediakix.com

I’ll still be online; still creating content here at eatmyyythoughts.com. And if you want to get in touch, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

But where social media is concerned, I’m choosing life over likes.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m Quitting Social Media”

  • I think you are on to something here and I think many many more will do the same in the next couple of years. It’s like taking the best bits ( your blog) but not becoming a slave to all the other stuff. Well done and congratulations on experiencing more ” real” life!

  • omg! I just saw this Lorna! I haven’t quitted Facebook and Pinterest yet, but I thought I was going to miss IG when I left. Honestly, I did at first! I missed the nice people I’ve met there (you are one of them) and the beautiful inspirational posts there. But it sucked out so much time out of me that I found myself looking at my phone 80% of the time!! BAD! But I feel so relieved now (weird to say) and so much more time to do things I like to do.

    • It does take up a ridiculous amount of time. Like you, I feel like I have so much more time to do things that are actually meaningful. I don’t miss it at ALL!!
      I’ve now just subscribed to the blogs of the people I was most inspired by and that works fine for me!

      L x

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