Review: The Optimum G2.3 Induction Blender

Review: The Optimum G2.3 Induction Blender

As an ambassador for Froothie UK, I get the chance to try out their fancy new machines. To be honest, I didn’t think it could get much better than the Optimum 9200A; we had a beautiful romance for the best part of 2 years. But then arrived the Optimum G2.3, a beautiful, gleaming monster of a machine that promised me the world… and so I replaced my faithful 9200A with a younger model.

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I do occasionally have pangs of guilt and wonder how my old 9200A is getting on in life. But, for the most part, I’m content with my new commitment to the Optimum G2.3*. Especially given that it has a lifetime motor guarantee. It’s never gonna give me up, never gonna let me down… Plus its snazzy brushless motor means it is a less noisy than regular blenders. (Not that Rick Astley sang about brushless motors…)

Before I start harping on about my own experiences with this new-fangled gadget, let’s just have a quick run through of its key features, taken from the Froothie UK website*.

Functions of the Optimum G2.3

Froothie UK Optimum G2.3 Blender

2-litre jug: specifically designed for large quantities and wet and dry applications.

1-litre rotating jug: single serve blending jug specifically designed to rotate and achieve the thickest of blends.

Spatula: specifically designed spatula to remove the thickest of ingredients from under the blades.

Control panel: elegantly simple LED touch screen panel featuring:

Automatic, one-push button programs, all of which are set to the exact parameters you require

Precise, fine-tuned manual functionality allowing you to manually control

Wet and dry multi-purpose 6-blade stainless steel assembly

Heavy duty tamper tool for improved processing and mixing

So, what are these one-touch programmes of which you speak? Well, there’s a smoothie function, a sorbet function, a fruit and veg function, a soup function and a grind function.

The three most useful, in my opinion, are the smoothie function, the soup function and the grind function.

I don’t tend to make many sorbets and the ‘fruit and veg’ function is essentially the smoothie function, but for a few seconds longer. That’s not to say they’re not useful; if you were an avid sorbet maker, you’d find the sorbet function very useful. Plus, the 90 second ‘fruit and veg’ function is great for breaking down harder fruits and vegetables to that perfect smooth consistency. But I’ll focus on my favourite functions.


This is the reason most people buy a blender in the first place, so it’s a pretty important function. What’s great about Optimum blenders though, is the smoothness. I’ve used cheaper blenders in the past and the consistency of things can be very grainy. This is also important when it comes to making vegan desserts. Let me tell you, from experience, a grainy ‘cheesecake’ filling is not pleasant. If you’re making a vegan cheesecake filling, you need the consistency to be smoother than smooth, to mimic the cream cheese. And the smoothie function is perfect for that.

Froothie UK Optimum G2.3 Blender Panel


You can create hot soups, hot chocolates and fondues in around 8 minutes; it heats as it blends. Which is pretty damn useful when it comes to minimising washing up.


You may never have thought you needed a blender to grind things. But once you start grinding grains to make your own flours, or nuts and seeds to make your own nut and seed butters, you’ll realise that it’s the best thing ever. Mainly because it saves you a lot of money, making your own. If you’ve ever gawped at the price of ground almonds or almond butter, for example, you’ll love this function. Combine this with some of my other money-saving tips, such as buying nuts and seeds in bulk, and you’re all set! You can also grind things like coffee beans.


Watch  Neil from Natural Juice Junkie unboxing the Optimum G2.3 above! ^

The first thing I noticed when unpacking the Optimum G2.3 was how stylish and professional it looks. Although how it looks isn’t as important as how well it works, if you’ve got this machine in your kitchen, people are going to know you mean business!

Secondly, I was amazed at how powerful it is. Nuts are blitzed into a fine powder in seconds. It’s like a magician making something disappear in a puff of smoke. It is a seriously good piece of kit.

I didn’t get on with the LED digital panel to begin with though. Firstly, because I was thinking about how often I was going to have to clean greasy fingerprints off the shiny black surface. And secondly because the panel is hyper-efficient and puts itself on standby every 2 seconds. Okay, not every 2 seconds. It just felt like it to begin with, when I was trying to get to grips with which buttons to press. But I did get used to it and now I don’t even think twice! And as far as the cleaning is concerned, it’s actually easier to clean the digital panel than it is to clean around buttons, dials and switches. Think about the keys of a computer keyboard… stuff always gets in there. It’s a lot easier to just wipe a flat surface.


Okay. So it’s an investment piece, I’ll give you that. But good news! Not only is the Optimum G2.3 currently on sale for £399*(RRP £700) at the time of writing, but you also get a 30-day money back guarantee (including return postage), access to expert support and a comprehensive recipe book.


If you’ve got any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

49 thoughts on “Review: The Optimum G2.3 Induction Blender”

  • Hi Lorna,

    How would you compare the performance of the G2.3 vs the 9200A when it comes to breaking down tough veggies (kale etc.) ?
    This unit looks fantastic, but can’t make my mind up vs the G2.1 (which would performance wise be comparable to the 9200A I think) and the G2.3.. If the G2.3 would do everything as well as the G2.1/9200A then it would be a winner I think..


    • Hi Ben,

      I had the 9200A before and it was great; however I’ve found the G2.3 to be far superior at breaking down tough veggies. I often make kale pesto in my G2.3 and it has no problem breaking down the stalks into a smooth paste. Hope this helps!

      L x

      • Hi Lorna,

        thanks for your quick reply. Very happy (and perhaps a little surprised) that your results with the G2.3 are that good! I would already have been happy if the G2.3 would do something like kale as good as the 9200A given that it’s actually running at less than half the speed of the other Optimum blenders. This is also what made me doubt the results for green smoothies with tough veggies..


        • Hi Ben. Just throwing my tuppence worth in. I have both and I’d say the 9200A is infinitely more powerful. The G2.3 doesn’t break down really tough things like orange peel that the 9200A does so well. I get really smooth results in the 9200A, not so much in the G2.3

          • I have to disagree. Orange peel is one of the things I blend regularly in my G2.3 and I’ve found that it does the job really well! My 9200A also did a good job, but the G2.3 has no problems breaking it down either. I used orange peel in one of my recent recipes and the G2.3 created a really smooth sauce.

            L x

          • Hi Choclette, thanks for your reply. I guess I’ll have to run the G2.3 through its paces once it arrives. The unit has already been ordered and should be on its way. Hope it won’t disappoint as it’ll be costly returning/exchanging it from here.. As I’m not familiar yet with high speed blenders – we just had an old regular kitchenaid blender which broke down recently – is there “a best” way/sequence to put the ingredients in for better results? Tough produce first, easy to blend things at the end for example?

          • For best results, put liquid in first, followed by easy to blend, with toughest stuff on the top 🙂

            L x

          • Received my G2.3 last Thursday but unfortunately it was not a great succes. Three times when putting the jug in place – and when the blender is then powering itself on – the lights went out due to a breaker tripping.. This was not instantly repeatable as most of the time it didn’t happen.
            I did manage to make some smoothies though and was a little bit disappointed with the results. Making a kale, pomegranate, mixed berry, banana smoothie there were big chunks of seeds left. Not sure if it had anything to do with my unit but my guess is that for difficult to grind seeds the G2.3 is lacking speed.

            Spoke with the seller and a little later I was called back by Froothie UK. They were very helpful and send me in good faith immediately a new blender. This time I chose the G2.1
            I hope I’ll have a little bit more luck with this unit. In any case I’m very happy how Froothie UK has dealt with this, not many companies these days would send a new replacement without having received the faulty one I think.

          • Hi Ben,

            It sounds like you received a faulty one; the lights definitely shouldn’t be going out when you put the jug in place!? What setting did you use to make the smoothie? I find the smoothie setting is only good for soft fruits; isn’t great at grinding seeds. The fruit and veg setting usually does it without a problem though. Not that it matters anyway now, you’ve got the G2.1! Hopefully you’ll like that one better.

            I’m a bit confused re: Froothie UK sending you a new blender though; I thought you had said you’d purchased your blender through a different company?

            L x

          • Hi Lorna,

            It most definately was a faulty unit. Bit disappointing but that can happen. At least it has been solved very quickly.

            I used the fruit and vegetable setting, maybe it was also due to the unit being faulty..not sure..perhaps it didn’t spin like it’s supposed to..

            I did indeed buy the blender through another UK seller. I’ve contacted them immediately after I’ve found the blender faulty. They were going to find out for me how best to deal with this and contacted Froothie. Not long after I was called back by Froothie. They were very apologetic (no need really – these things can happen and as long as it’s being dealt with properly there’s no problem) and offered in good faith to send me a new unit immediately.
            So initially Froothie couldn’t ship me a blender, which is why I looked for another seller, but for this exchange/warranty it didn’t seem much of a problem.

            All in all very happy with the service. Now I just hope the G2.1 will last a little longer..

  • I somewhat doubt the G2.1 will give better results with coffee beans although I’ve never ground coffee beans in a blender. Depends on what you’re trying to get though. I suppose if you want very fine grind results the 2.1 will probably do the trick, but if you want it a bit course I think the consistency will not be there, it will be some very fine together with more coarser coffee. At least that’s my guess.

    Hope the lumps in the icecreme are not too big though…that is something I do want the 2.3 to do good..

    Ordered the G2.3 from the UK but not through Froothie as they don’t ship to the mainland except Spain (We live in Germany) Found another UK shop that sells Optimum products and does ship internationally, more expensive but still much less than here. Downside is that I won’t be able to use the 30 day return option without paying quite some shipping cost….hope it won’t disappoint…

  • i tested again to day and it worked ok i did it in small jar so whent to big jar this time and it worked a treat so i will be keeping it but do any one have any problems with the preset buttons like smoothie on the left side dont find it works well doing a smoothie says in book thats the smoothie preset any one help with this thanks

    • Not sure where, but I’ve read somebody recommending the fruit & vegetables setting for smoothies. Should have better results especially with some tougher ingredients..

      Hope it works..

      • I used the fruit and vegetable setting to make a really smooth sauce using citrus peels. I was convinced it was going to be grainy due to the bits of pith etc but it wasn’t. The sauce was super-smooth! That setting is good for green smoothies too.

        L x

    • My favourites are:

      Pineapple and parsley: 1 cup coconut water, 1 cup of pineapple, ½ banana, 1 generous handful of parsley

      Spinach and mango: 1 cup of coconut water, 1 cup of mango, ½ banana, 1 generous handful of spinach leaves

      L x

  • This is a lovely review Lorna. I really like the G2.3 for several reasons – it’s a lot quieter for a start. But I’ve not found it to give such good results as my 9200A, so I’m feeling a bit torn.

    • Thank you! I really loved my 9200A but I have to say that I do prefer the G2.3. I was expecting it to struggle to match the performance of the 9200A but I haven’t found that at all! And yes, it definitely is much quieter!

      L x

  • hi when i done a smoothie to day useing friut and veg in big container still was not smooth it was good but could be better any advise cheers

    • Do you mean you used fruit and veg in the smoothie or you used the fruit and veg setting? If you used the smoothie setting, you will achieve smoother results through the fruit and veg setting. If you’ve used the fruit and veg setting and it’s still not smooth enough, I’m not sure why. But you could try blending for longer; maybe run it through that same setting again?

      L x

  • Hello Experts! can someone tell me Why should I buy the previous version (2.1) with no lifetime warranty on the motor because it’s more powerful?

    why is 2.1 significantly more powerful than 2.3 how extant 2.1 is beneficial over 2.3?

    Is it worth getting 2.1 when there is no lifetime warranty? and purely on the basis of its efficiency of 2600W compare to 1600W on 2.3 version? The difference is 1000W and that is massive power difference to its updated version so do I really see that difference providing I’m using 2.1 for hard jobs they struggle with 2.3 and 2.1 can handle very well.

    Thanks a lot for your insights


  • I would definately go for the G2.1. Although I like having the smaller jug as with the G2.3. Our first G2.3 was faulty and had to go back, nevertheless we did manage to make some smoothies. Results were not quite what we expected and hoped for.
    We exchanged the blender for the G2.1 and so far my wife – I left for work for a few month when we received the G2.1 so I haven’t used it myself yet – is much happier with this unit.

    The customer service was very good, exchange was absolutely no problem.
    10 years warranty on the motor is also quite a lot and if this blender will last this long then it’s been a good investment I think.

    If reliability is a big concern I would – knowing what I know now – probably not go for a optimum at all. For just a bit more – at least here in Germany – I could have ordered a (although much simpler) Vitamix. These units have stood the test of time and I doubt if the Optimum machines are built to the same standard. But maybe this is just me feeling like this after our not fantastic experience with the G2.3… The G2.1 is a real beauty and probably the best looking – for whatever that’s worth – blender on the market in Europe. I really hope this machine will work as advertised and last for a long time.

    The 10 years warranty on motor / 5 years on parts are still very good, so I would go for the one you like most. We’re at least happy to have swapped the G2.3 for the G2.1.


  • Hi Ben, I also get short circuit with my G2.3 but then two other machines do the same occasionally. An electrician came to check the system and found nothing wrong. So, is it really the blender, should I return it? They already offered to replace it. What you say about the G2.1 makes me hesitate, which to chose! Best Regards, Joke

    • Hi Joke,

      We were not so fortunate with our G2.3 and in our case it as definitely the blender that was faulty.
      Also the results were not exactly what I was hoping for, even though I have to admit that we have no previous experience with a high powered blender.

      We were in doubt between the G2.1 and G2.3.
      Our biggest reason for choosing the G2.3 were the extra jug, lower noise and the lifetime warranty.

      After our faulty G2.3 I lost a little bit of confidence in this blender and after talking to Froothie UK we decided to go for the G2.1. The 10 years warranty is still very good and the extra noise of the G2.1 is not too big a deal to us, we’re not disturbing neighbors or something like that.

      The G2.1 is twice as powerful. The G2.3 has a nominal power of 1000W vs the G2.1 with a nominal power of 2000W. Due to the design of the motor it’s also capable of much higher rpm’s than the G2.3.
      On top of that, the G2.1 looks fantastic if that is of any importance to you.

      Like I mentioned earlier, I haven’t used the G2.1 myself yet. The new blender arrived as I was on the airport waiting for my plane..I will only use it sometime in April, when I hope to be back home again.
      My wife however has been using the blender every day and she’s very happy with it and believes we made the right choice exchanging the G2.3 with the G2.1.

      I’m not sure where you are from, Joke, but if you can read German you can also find a very thorough review on the G2.1 on What I ike with this site is that they have reviewed lots of different blenders from a lot of different brands. They obviously have lots to compare the G2.1 with and give the G2.1 a really positive review.
      That’s all not to say that the G2.3 is not a good machine, we probably were just unlucky. I’ve also read – including the review from Lorna – very positive things about the G2.3.

      But all in all we are very happy to have exchanged the G2.3 with the G2.1. So far it’s performing really well, and from what I understand the increase in noise is not that much of a deal.

      Hope this helped a little bit.

      Best regards,

      • Hi all,

        I agree with Ben, it’s definitely worth looking at sites that review a variety of blenders before you make your decision. I only receive certain products from Froothie UK to review, so I can only really report back on what I like or dislike about them and how they compare to other appliances I have used previously.

        I have asked some of my fellow Froothie ambassadors about their experiences with the G2.3 and also shared with them the fact that some people seem to have been disappointed with it. A couple of people have said that they too were disappointed and that they preferred the 9200A based on smoothness; however the majority have said the same as me – that they love the G2.3 and have had no problems with the smoothness of the smoothies, sauces etc. compared to other models.

        I’m not sure any of us have tried the G2.1 though; I’m not sure that model was ever sent out to ambassadors, so it’s helpful to read Ben’s experiences.

        Let’s be honest, these machines are expensive, so it’s important to do your research. Hopefully my review will help some people with their decision, but it should only be considered alongside other reviews of both the G2.3 and other models – it’s not the be all and end all.

        Massive thanks to Ben for his contribution to this thread by the way; I think his comments are very helpful.

        All the best,

        L x

  • Great review, Lorna. I have the G2.3 also and have really enjoyed playing with it and seeing what it can do – I am seriously impressed with the soup making function, in particular! I totally agree with you about how easy it is to clean – such a dream! Eb x

  • Sure.. Please do so we all can see and also helpful for the product improvements. It comes with lifetime motor warranty and 2 or 5 years on parts. This model hardly released 8months ago so you are covered. Speak to other country customer service people if not your’s cooperative.. All the best.

  • Great review Lorna. I’ve just reviewed the G2.3 as well and I’m very pleased with it but as it’s my first ever proper blender I have nothing to compare it to. It’s been interesting reading the comments!

  • can the blender purée already-cooked soups? I bought the 9400 but am being sent the same model as yours as an upgrade.

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