Optimum 9200A Next Generation Blender – 1 Year On…

Optimum 9200A Next Generation Blender – 1 Year On…

It was just over a year ago that I received my beautiful, gleaming Optimum 9200A blender from Froothie UK (thank you Froothie UK for the gift!) Our eyes met across the work surface. And we fell in love.

We had so many great adventures together. We created delicious smoothies. We marvelled at our plant-based dessert successes. We bathed in a sea of hummus.

This was back in the days when I was “Naturally Bee” (before I became “Eat Myyy Thoughts”) and for some reason, when I was changing my blog around, many of my posts vanished into the abyss – my initial review for the Optimum 9200A being one of them.

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And whilst I can’t bring myself to type out the entire thing all over again, what I can do is write a brand new review/summary, after one precious year with my beloved friend, the Optimum 9200A*.

I shall, just for your benefit, summarise some of the key points of my previous review:

  • More powerful than some of its well-known competitors
  • Cheaper than some of its well-known competitors (with compared to products with similar power and functions)
  • Wet and dry ingredients can be processed in just the one jug, no need to swap jugs
  • Easy to clean
  • Special hidey-hole underneath for the power cord when not in use

My challenge was to create a vegan cheesecake filling that was smooth enough to please my mother (infamous vegan cheesecake hater).  Well, you will be pleased to know that I succeeded!



So, one year in and I have no complaints about my beloved blender*. It has created for me, many delights.

I have made vegan millionaire shortbread in it.

A Vegan Dinner Party for #MeatFreeMonday

I have made cake batters in it. I have made pestos in it. Pancake batter, nice-cream… You name it. I have made it. In it. Innit.

Oh and chia pudding. Blended, it actually doesn’t resemble frogspawn! What’s not to like!?

Well, I still don’t like the colour. But it has been a loyal and dependable friend; always there for me in my time of need.

In summary, it’s great.

NB: Though I have now upgraded to the Optimum G2.3 Induction Blender, if you’d like to see how that compares.

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