10 Veggie Food Blogs You Need To Follow

10 Veggie Food Blogs You Need To Follow

If you’re looking for vegetarian and vegan inspiration, look no further. Here are 10 food blogs (some veggie, some vegan and some suitable for everyone but with plenty of vegetarian recipes) that you need to follow! Get ready to bookmark…


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Ania’s Vibrant Kitchen


There are no words to describe how much I love Ania’s cooking. Her homely, nutritious recipes make me very, very hungry. Ania creates simple, nourishing recipes that you’ll want to recreate again and again.

(PS. I can verify the tastiness of her recipes because she has actually fed me, in person!)

You need to try her beetroot hummus and her chocolate granola balls (pictured below).


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Veggie Desserts


Fellow Froothie UK* ambassador Kate’s recipes are packed full of veggies; they’re even in her desserts! Hence the name. With cakes containing everything from parsnips to mashed potato, Kate’s blog is great for creative and adventurous bakers. I’m a particular fan of her  lemon and cucumber cake with gin icing (pictured below). But it’s not just about desserts – you can find plenty of veg-inspired recipes from main meals to cocktails.

Kate is also a great advocate of reducing food waste and creates recipes to help you make the most of your leftovers.

You need to try her cauliflower and spinach pakoras and her Christmas Leftovers Pizza.



You can also buy her new cookbook Veggie Desserts + Cakes* on Amazon!


The Veg Space


Another Kate with a passion for vegetables! Kate has been vegetarian for over 20 years and holds a Cordon Vert professional diploma in Vegetarian Cookery. The Veg Space provides creative recipes for modern vegans and vegetarians who want a little bit more than just a nut roast.

You need to try her Sticky Ginger Tofu with Baby Courgettes (pictured below) and her BBQ Black Bean and Jalapeno Burger.



You can buy her cookbook Vegan in 15* on Amazon too!


Nourished Naturally


Freelance health and food journalist Samantha Hadadi has a blog full of delicious, plant-based recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. (She’s a busy mum!)

You need to try her Green Goddess Pesto Pizza with Grilled Peaches.



Rebel Recipes


Freelance food consultant Niki is veg-obsessed and a big fan of Asian flavours. If you need a good curry recipe – she’s your woman! Niki and I cooked for each other on a mini-break to Denmark and she’s been my go-to for spicy lentils ever since. But there is a lot more to Niki than curry and lentils. She creates all sorts of delicious gluten-free, plant-based dishes, including raw desserts.

You need to try her Ethiopian Lentils with Squidgy Bread and her Baked Empanadas (pictured below).



Hedi Hearts


One of the bubbliest personalities in food; Hedi is one of those people who needs their own TV show! (I am a little bit in love with this woman.) Hedi’s absolute forte is raw desserts, but her savoury plant-based recipes are great for quick and simple mid-week lunches and dinners.

You need to try her Sweet Potato Nachos and her Raw Snickers Bites (pictured below).


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You can also buy her cookbook, Clean Eating with Hedi Hearts, available as an ebook and in print.


Rainbow Plant Life


Lawyer turned food blogger/world traveller Nisha has a talent for transforming even the most boring dish into something amazing. She even makes mashed potatoes look special! As the name suggests, her food is bursting with colour and full of plant-based ingredients.

You need to try her Lentil & Three Bean Chili and her Tempeh & Walnut Falafel.



Avant Garde Vegan


Probably one of the most inspiring vegan chefs on the planet, Gaz Oakley’s recipes are to die for!

You need to try his Chorizo Style Seitan Hot Dogs with Caramelised Cider Onions (pictured below) and his Squash Risotto with Crispy Sage and Eggplant Bacon.


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You can also buy his new cookbook Vegan 100* on Amazon!


Food To Glow


Kellie is an ex-pat American cancer health educator with a taste for global food and big flavours – made with fresh, seasonal British ingredients. Although her recipes aren’t exclusively veggie, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian recipes on her blog to inspire you!

You need to try her Veggie Haggis Sausage Rolls (pictured below) and her Easy Shakshuka.



My Berry Forest


Tiina’s blog is like a magical wonderland, inspired by the Finnish forests and the sea. She refers to herself as a recipe magician and her blog is full of weird and wonderful brightly-coloured creations. Many of her recipes are breakfast recipes, like Pina Colada Toast and Soft Licorice Porridge with Lemon Cream but her savoury dishes are just as creative!

You need to try her Nourishing Tomato Soup with Savoury Sprinkles (pictured below) and her Sweet Potato Sandwich with Beetroot Cashew Cheese.



Tiina also has a cookbook, but it’s only available in Finnish!


And… 1 Bonus Blog!


What To Cook Today


Although the vast majority of Marvellina’s recipes contain meat, fish and/or seafood, she does often provide ideas on how to adapt them for vegetarians. Quite often, it’s just a case of omitting oyster sauce or shrimp paste. And her recipes are so amazing that I just couldn’t leave her out of this post! Her recipes will take you on a journey throughout South East Asia, from her birthplace of Indonesia to Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

(To be honest, just scrolling through her beautiful photos is an experience in itself!)

You need to try her Spring Rolls with Three Silken Threads and her Cucumber Pickles.


Acar Timun Cucumber Pickle What To Cook Today

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